Productions in tournée

Season 2016-2017

Vote for me!

Concert program

Operetta arias and political chansons on the theme of elections and the art of government


Lara Neumann La France
Ingrid Perruche La Candidate féministe
Arnaud Marzorati Le Politicien prestidigitateur
Mélanie Flahaut flute, flageolet and bassoon
Pierre Cussac accordion
Daniel Isoir piano
Flannan Obé artistic collaboration and staging

Louis XIV and Napoleon both understood what an effective political weapon music could be – especially the popular genres of chanson, opéra-comique and operetta. So it is hardly surprising that the nineteenth century, which saw so many opposing regimes succeed each other, offers an almost bottomless repertory of satirical or propaganda pieces on the theme of elections and government. This amusing programme, alternating between famous composers and unknown chansonniers, invites the listener to witness the exercise of rhetoric, of the popular complainte or deceitful manipulation. A narrative thread is used to dramatise these works, whether they are wittily piquant or touchingly pious: throughout the show, a personification of France is torn between two electoral candidates, one more charlatan than technocrat, and the other – a lady politician, as gender parity dictates – more seductress than economist. Any resemblance to any person living or dead is . . . purely coincidental.

Production Palazzetto Bru Zane