Festival Palazzetto Bru Zane in Berlin

1 – 3 December 2017

In coproduction with RADIALSYSTEM V

Four years after launching its Parisian festival, the Palazzetto Bru Zane now looks towards Berlin, where the RadialSystem V hall will host a first weekend of French Romantic music. This venue on the banks of the Spree, well known for its innovative multidisciplinary programming, will be transformed into a ‘Parisian salon’ for four concerts: the kind of salon where guests could converse, dance and eat amid the joyous ambience of operetta or chanson, but equally appreciate the delicacy of the harp, the intimacy of the string quartet or the experimental piano music of Fauré or Debussy.

01 December 2017 Radialsystem V, Berlin (Germany)
La soirée du Quatuor


02 December 2017 Radialsystem V, Berlin (Germany)
L'enfant terrible de la harpe

Emmanuel Ceysson harp

Emmanuel Ceysson
02 December 2017 Radialsystem V, Berlin (Germany)
Les Fleurs du mâle

Norma Nahoun soprano
Marie Gautrot mezzosoprano
Pauline Buet cello
David Violi piano

Victoria Duhamel scenic design and reading

03 December 2017 Radialsystem V, Berlin (Germany)
And now dance!

Philippe Bianconi piano