The Bru Zane Opéras-Bouffes

Les Bouffes de Bru Zane
A season of opéras-bouffes in the centre of Paris!
An entire season will be devoted to this specific aspect of the French opera repertoire, which favours bawdy dialogue and saucy songs. A clutch of rare and entertaining works will be performed by a group of young highly imaginative artists in collaboration with the Théâtre Marigny.

With Ingrid Perruche, Lara Neumann, Flannan Obé, Raphaël Brémard, Pierre Cussac, Lola Kirchner, Constance Larrieu…

Production Bru Zane France
Joint realisation Théâtre Marigny

19, 20 January 2019
Théâtre Marigny, Paris (France)

2 Bouffes en 1 acte

Flannan Obé tenor
Raphaël Brémard tenor
Christophe Manien piano
Lola Kirchner directions, scenes and costumes
Cyril Monteil light design


15-17 March 2019
Théâtre Marigny, Paris (France)

Le Retour d’Ulysse

Pénélope Marion Grange
Ulysse Artavazd Sargsyan
Coqsigru Pierre Derhet
Thibaut Garcia guitar and arrangements
Constance Larrieu direction
Camille Vallat scenes and costumes


17-19 May 2019
Théâtre Marigny, Paris (France)

Planquette, Henrion

Ingrid Perruche soprano
David Violi piano
Pierre-André Weitz direction, sets and costumes


21-23 June 2019
Théâtre Marigny, Paris (France)

Barbier et Lecocq

Lara Neumann soprano
Flannan Obé tenor
Pierre Cussac accordion
Lola Kirchner stage direction, set design and costume

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