Calendar of concerts in Venice

The new season of the Centre de Musique Romantique Française will highlight two contrasting faces of nineteenth-century musical creation: the ‘Jacques Offenbach and Light Music in Paris’ cycle in the autumn of 2018 and the spring cycle, ‘Musicians in the Great War’. The works of Jacques Offenbach will be heard alongside those of his contemporaries – Serpette, Audran, Varney, Lecocq and Hervé – to provide an insight into musical life in Paris during that period. The composer will also be celebrated with a performance of his chamber music pieces. With the focus on composer and naval officer, Jean Cras, the ‘Musicians in the Great War’ cycle will attempt to provide a better understanding of the role of music during some difficult times in the history of France.
A varied programme of songs and chamber music will also explore this tumultuous period. There will be family concerts, educational workshops and lectures linked to the cycles taking place throughout the season. The Carnival concert will gently mock the nineteenth-century Parisians. The composer Louise Farrenc will be showcased this year within the context of International Women’s Day.

22 June 2019 Palazzetto Bru Zane, Venice (Italy) Season 2018-2019
Art Night