Docteur Nicole Bru president

Advisory council

Luc Bourrousse
Gérard Condé
Thierry Fouquet
Michèle Roche
Emilio Sala
Didier Voydeville


Alexandre Dratwicki musicological director
Étienne Jardin head of publications and symposia
Sébastien Troester head of musical editions
Baptiste Charroing director of development
Rosa Giglio artistic coordinator
Elena Vignotto head of production
Giulia Trevisanato production officer and stage manager
Joséphine Kirch production officer
Laura Stagetti production officer
Katia Amoroso head of communication
Camille Merlin editorial coordination
Marianne Jugan editorial and communication assistant
Mathilde Guesdon communications officer
Viviana Bianchi marketing coordinator and international audience development
Anna Da Rozze customer relations representative
Andrea Simionato head of administration
Viola Costantini accountant


Benoît Dratwicki artistic adviser

Press contacts

France: Opus 64
tel. +33 (0)1 40 26 77 94
Valérie Samuel
Italy: Skill & Music
tel. +39 331 836 1276
Irene Sala
Floriana Tessitore
Germany: OPHELIAS Culture PR
tel. +49 89 67 97 10 50
Ulrike Wilckens